Concept Car R.S. 2027 Vision

The Future of Formula One ...


Concept Car R.S. 2027 Vision

The Formula One car of the future

Discover the Renault’s vision of the Formula One on the horizon 2027. This Concept Car with a transparent cockpit invites you to live the race closer to the driver’s emotions. A prospective and classy design that you can admire in exclusivity at L’Atelier Renault.

A high-performance racer for a more spectacular show
With power peaking at 1 megawatt and weight down to 800 kilos, R.S. 2027 Vision boasts a power/weight ratio unprecedented in Formula 1. With four-wheel steering, the concept car is more agile and precise, and more manoeuvrable in the stands. Its high-energy-density batteries are coupled through a high-efficiency energy recovery system that stores power for subsequent release, along similar lines to the system on Renault’s mainstream electric models like ZOE Z.E. 40.

Free acces in our window display. Be astonished and take your greatest pictures of this spectacular concept car.


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