L'Atelier Renault Paris

53, Avenue des Champs Élysées
75008 Paris
Exhibition : 01 76 84 19 19
Restaurant : 01 76 84 14 14

Passion for life*

Coirée noël passion clio 2012

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  • 11 bloggers immersed in the magical world imagined by the designer Hilton McConnico.

    In the evening, on November 20, 2012, L'Atelier Renault exceptionally closes its doors to the public. A few minutes later, 11 bloggers find themselves in the middle of the exhibition "Noël Passion Clio". The designer Hilton McConnico joins them and the party may begin.

    Transported in a forest of white trees, they not only meet Chloe, the guardian of the Seasons' secret but also the son of Santa Claus, who turns stardust into gifts.

    A Christmas tale or reality?