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Electro swing party 2014

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  • On Saturday June 21, L’Atelier Renault will be turning up the volume to celebrate the release of the new Twingo, unveiled for the first time in Paris, and kicking off the city’s summer festivities by organizing an “Electro Swing Party” open to all! 

    The Twingo’s name was inspired by three great dance styles: the twist, the swing and the tango, and electro swing is the ideal musical backdrop for this new chapter in the Twingo saga!

    A wild evening for everyone to enjoy:

    To provide the entertainment for the “Electro Swing Party”, L’Atelier Renault has invited the Hot Sugar Band, a jazz-swing group of 7 musicians, and the dance duo Mélanie and Paulo from the Brotherswing Collective: Lindy Hop teachers who organize swing evenings at the Bellevilloise.

    Mélanie and Paulo will take everyone in hand for all 3 stages of the evening on June 21: 

    - A dance class at 6:30 pm to master some of the basic swing steps;

    - From 7:15 pm, a live concert with demos by 3 pairs of skilled dancers;

    - From 8:30 pm, an electro swing dance night.

    This inclusive, participatory event will be held from 6:30 pm to 1:30 am at L’Atelier Renault itself, on a real dance floor installed for the occasion, where everyone can strut their stuff to the sound of some hot electro swing! 

    This summer, the Champs Elysées is gonna be jumping!

    L'Atelier Renault - 53 Champs Elysées -75008 Paris