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75008 Paris
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Passion for life*

Color manifesto

  • Color Manifesto brings together the six concept cars expressing the renewal of Renault design.  They materialize the design brand strategy based on the human lifecycle. This lifecycle is represented by a six-petal daisy, each petal corresponding to a a key moment in life (falling in love, being a couple, starting a family, etc.).

    For each petal, Renault has designed a car reflecting the needs of that specific stage in life.

    1st stage, Love, with the concept car DeZir

    2d, Discovery, with the concept car Captur

    3d, Family, with the concept car R-Space

    4th, Work, with the concept car Frendzy

    5th, Play, with the concept car Twin’Run, and finally, 

    the 6th stage, Wisdom, with the concept car Initiale Paris

    This exhibition is staged in an original showcase, a gigantic, living sculpture of light, by Christopher Bauder, a world renowned Berlin artist. 

    With “Color Manisfesto” young visitors will be able to develop their creativity by taking part in the "concept car model" workshop

    Worth trying also, the photo booth and the photocall that will be visited by Santa Claus between December 1 and 25, for some unforgettable photos with our younger visitors.

    Color Manifesto is also plenty of other surprises particularly in L’Atelier Renault store and at L’Atelier Renault Café. 

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