L'Atelier Renault Paris

53, Avenue des Champs Élysées
75008 Paris
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Passion for life*

Eacrés moteurs ! - 2012

  • For its new exhibition, L’Atelier Renault brings you a story of engines and victories.

    On December 24th, 1898, 21-year-old Louis Renault, make the rise of the street Lepic with his the Voiturette Type A, the first car to feature 'direct drive' transmission and gets its very first orders. This challenge becomes then the trademark of Renault: to convince the customers, it is necessary to put the machine to the test!

    In 1902, Renault manufactured a two-cylinder engine which went on to win the Paris-Vienna road race in the Type K.

    Since then, motorsport has become a life-size proving ground for Renault's new technologies and the excellence of its engines.

    To miss nothing of this new exhibition, here is your check list of Engines of Legend!

    Renault 5 Turbo who won the “Tour de Corse”, celebrating the R5’s 40th birthday
    Renault Sport models: Clio Gordini R.S., Clio R.S. Ange & Démon and Twingo R.S.
    Red Bull Racing Renault 2011
    F3.5 SR of 2011 World Series by Renault
    F1 RS14 which marks the entrance(entry) to Formula 1 of Renault

    Twizy, 100% electric.
    And from 22th of February, L’Atelier Renault will present the 4 one-seaters motorized by Renault in 2012: Red Bull Racing Renault, Lotus Renault, Williams
    Renault and Caterham Renault.


    Renault's first engine of 1902
    Engine F1 V6 Turbo of 1975
    Engine RS27 which equips at present F1
    Energy R9M dCi 130: this engine, notably powering Mégane Collection 2012

    Next episode: March 18, with the fisrt Grand Prix of the 2012 saison, taking place in Australia!