L'Atelier Renault Paris

53, Avenue des Champs Élysées
75008 Paris
Exhibition : 01 76 84 19 19
Restaurant : 01 76 84 14 14

Passion for life*

Twingo parade

  • Once upon a time New Twingo: a city small car with charming design, warm colors and beautiful outside as inside.

    One day, New Twingo decided to settle down to L'Atelier Renault for a while, to be seen, admired, get touched.

    L'Atelier Renault what a magic place! And New Twingo is not alone! The Formula 1 is in the front window and not far, Twizy 100 % electric!

    New Twingo it is also colors as Fuchsia, Vanilla, Bermuda Blue... New Twingo it is also versions as New Twingo Mauboussin, like a small jewel, New Twingo Gordini, with its Malta Blue body colour and white stripes.

    Careful visitors are arriving! Grown-ups and kids. They are playing! Wheel of fortune, Kinect interactive screen to customize their New Twingo and share it on the Web, distorting mirrors and Christmas baubles into which we can go inside! But shhhhh, here he comes!

    It's him, Santa Claus! Let's take a picture! Smile!

    And finally somebody approaches New Twingo and exclaims " That’s my Twingo"!

    Happy holidays!