About L’Atelier Renault

Live Your Passions

How to get there?

L’Atelier Renault, 53 Champs-Elysées Paris

For over 100 years, L’Atelier Renault has epitomised the spirit of the Renault brand as a place dedicated to innovation, technology and design. This unique venue, a truly international flagship for the brand, gives you exclusive access to new products, first-time events and original experiences.

This year, L’Atelier Renault has rung all the changes to become the new Parisian venue to live your passions and get a taste of the world of tomorrowIts mission:  act as a hub to highlight and provide a platform for enthusiasts, new talent, makers, start-uppers and pioneers.

This lively venue allows people every day to witness all the major changes happening around us, both today and in the future, with its specially-designed event programme.

Renault, the iconic French carmaker, pursues the ambition to make innovation accessible to all. L’Atelier Renault has therefore naturally emerged as the imperative venue for French innovation to be showcased.

Open to all visitors for a workshop, a gig, a gourmet treat or a digital experience, L’Atelier Renault aims to share its passion for life, demonstrated by the Renault automobile range, day after day.

So whether you’re more interested in technology, design, good food or music, L’Atelier Renault invites you to share your passion at 53 Champs-Elysées.

Welcome to L’Atelier Renault, the new passion incubator.